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Triumph Community Development Foundation Continues Partnership With Monroe Harding

Triumph Community Development Foundation Continues Partnership With Monroe Harding

The Triumph Community Development Foundation is pleased to continue its partnership with Monroe Harding in Nashville, Tennessee. Monroe Harding’s mission is to change the lives of young people, specifically foster care youth and other vulnerable young people. The umbrella of services Monroe Harding offers to its participants (ages birth to 26 years of age) is designed to positively impact every category of a young person’s life, from emotional and mental health services to education and career development. 

The organization runs its own Youth Connections Resource Center (YC) in downtown Nashville that caters to the needs of vulnerable young adults from the ages of 16 to 26 years old. The drop-in center is one of only four designated youth resource centers in the state of Tennessee. Young people who spend time in foster care tend to struggle in the transition to adulthood more than their counterparts. The six programs at YC aim to eliminate this gap by supporting their participants’ academic success, developing their life skills, and preparing them to enter the workforce. The life skills sections mentor the students on financial education, sexual health, general hygiene, and peer connection to encourage healthy habits for themselves and their relationships with others. The academic success portion supplies everything from an online diploma program, assistance with applying for higher education, and support for youths with learning disabilities to re-engage them in their educational pursuits. 


Over the next 12 months, Monroe Harding prepares 225 young adults to complete one of the six programs administered at the Youth Center. The Triumph Community Development Foundation’s grant provides Monroe Harding with the financial muscle to keep their young adults engaged with their academic, personal, and career-oriented goals. Monroe Harding collects data monthly to analyze their progress, how to identify obstacles and how to adjust their programs. 

Triumph is incredibly grateful for Monroe Harding’s work in the Greater Nashville community and their commitment to the success of future generations. To learn more about their mission and ways you can personally contribute, visit

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