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Triumph Community Development Foundation Announces New Binghampton Christian Academy Grant

Triumph Community Development Foundation Announces New Binghampton Christian Academy Grant

The Triumph Community Development Foundation is excited to continue its relationship with Binghampton Christian Academy (BCA). The Christian day and boarding school serves Pre-K through 8th-grade students in the Binghampton community. The mission of BCA is to encourage their students to become productive, Godly leaders for their communities. The dedicated staff at BCA devote themselves to their students and encourage the kids to prioritize academic excellence and glorify God. 

The school is located in the heart of the Binghampton neighborhood in Memphis and has among the highest poverty and crime rates in the city. While the Residential Program is available exclusively on school nights, BCA is the only lower and middle school in Memphis to provide on-campus housing to its student body. The boys and girls dorms house up to 31 children collectively, where they receive meals, extra mentorship from their dorm parents, and presents from friends of BCA during the holiday season. 

As African refugees represent a large portion of the Binghampton population, nearly half of BCA’s 134 students are of African descent. Due to language barriers, many of these students do not receive additional assistance or encouragement at home because their parents may not be able to read or write in English. Aware of this support gap, BCA teachers work individually with students who struggle with this dynamic at home in the classroom. 

The Triumph Community Development Foundation will support the classroom needs of the rising 4th Grade class. This list includes textbooks, classroom supplies, and other educational materials for its 15 students. In addition to providing these vital resources, Triumph team members will also act as the grade’s room sponsor. This is the sixth year Triumph team members have served in this role with this group of students since they started as BCA pre-kindergarteners, and our team has developed wonderful close mentor-like relationships with them. 

Triumph’s Foundation grant will also cover the costs of the extra cleaning due to COVID-19. This will provide weekly electrostatic disinfecting of both the lower and middle school buildings. The remaining funds will provide wall primer for the middle school classrooms and supplies for the Residential Program. We are so honored to continue this special partnership with Binghampton Christian Academy and nurture our relationship with our beloved 4th Graders. 

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