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Triumph Celebrates Valentine’s Day with BCA

Triumph Celebrates Valentine’s Day with BCA

The Triumph team brought lots of love, sweet treats, and math worksheets to our second-grade class at Binghampton Christian Academy last Friday to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Team members and second graders alike were dressed from head to toe in hues of reds and pinks, even heart-shaped glasses, to match the spirit of the holiday. After an exchange of joyful hugs, team members explained a sewing craft before the kids’ dove into their creative groove, producing beautiful new valentines. 

As a bank, we see and prioritize the value of financial literacy and strive to instill that skill into our class as they move through Binghampton Christian Academy. Our second graders have focused on counting and identifying American currency all year. So, we broke out the math packets and completed problems together! The team even brought spare change to contribute to their school-wide external fundraising competition to win a pizza party! 

When Triumph visits, no class party is complete without a full plate of snacks and a couple of good stories. Before ending an afternoon full of fun, team members switched off reading books aloud about kindness and friendship! 

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