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Triumph Bank Named Volunteer Memphis’ Corporate Philanthropic Initiative Award Winner

Triumph Bank Named Volunteer Memphis’ Corporate Philanthropic Initiative Award Winner

2020 has shown moments and movements of adversity and has taught us to celebrate victories and accomplishments with our full attention. On Thursday, June 25th, Volunteer Memphis held their Awards in a beautifully executed virtual event. We are honored and excited to announce that Triumph Bank received Volunteer Memphis’ Corporate Philanthropic Initiatives Award for 2020!

The Triumph team and Board of Directors dedicated 566 hours of service in Memphis in 2019. “Service is what we do every day… serving the community is just a natural extension,” shares Traci Strickland, SVP of Marketing and creator of Triumph’s philanthropic initiative, TriumphServes. Through the opportunities available through TriumphServes, the team and Board members mentored aspiring small business owners at Advance Memphis, tutored kids at STREETS Ministries, adopted the role of “Class Parents” to our rising third-grade class at Binghampton Christian Academy, participated in The Salvation Army’s Camp Hope, and much more.

We are most proud of our growing relationship with Carpenter Art Garden, a creative campus for children and youth in the heart of Binghampton. Their afterschool and summer programs cultivate creativity, teach leadership, and promote self-expression and neighborhood pride – lessons us Memphians are quick to get behind. Through Triumph Community Development Foundation’s grant, Triumph provided a portion of the salaries for Carpenter Art Garden’s Summer Teen Staff. Financial support is only the tip of the iceberg in our approach to community investment, “We want to roll up our sleeves. We want to get to know the kids. We want to support them in any way we can,” expresses Strickland. In the summer of 2019, Triumph kicked off a 6-week financial literacy series with the Carpenter Art Garden Teen Staff.

Over the 6-week class series, the kids learned about saving, how to open accounts, and the various products banks offer as you go through life’s stages. The financial literacy lessons evolved into conversations about the kids’ futures, career interests, and how to achieve success in those fields. Of course, every career path is accompanied by its own set of challenges, and we could offer transparency to the hardships faced in the world of financial services. We pulled in experts, our Triumph clients, to match the interests of the Teen Staff – commercial real estate, web design, and photography – to share with them how to face adversity and achieve success in their fields.

We are so thankful for our partnership with Carpenter Art Garden and all of our relationships state-wide. We are looking forward to a time when we can see each other face-to-face once again.

To watch the 2020 Volunteer Memphis Awards, click here.

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