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RedZone Memphis partners with Triumph Community Development Foundation

RedZone Memphis partners with Triumph Community Development Foundation

The Triumph Community Development Foundation  (TCDF) is proud to announce its newest Memphis community partner: RedZone Memphis. The Evangelical based organization works towards fostering stability through faith-based programs in Orange Mound, one of the most under-served communities in the nation. RedZone offers three youth programs  – Transformers, their weekly outreach club, Transcenders, their weekly bible study/character development group, and the Ascenders, their regular discipleship effort. These programs offer a safe social scene for high-risk youth and an opportunity for spiritual renewal. 

The other side of RedZone offers itself as a platform to inform the public of the most significant challenges the residents face as the community is under-resourced and under-served to individual Memphians, city leaders, government organizations, and foundations. With internal efforts to change the community’s foundations and external measures to receive more support from public and private sectors alike, RedZone aims to impact and transform Orange Mound positively. 

The TCDF grant to RedZone supports their rehiring of their Program Coordinator, whose responsibility is coordinating high school outreach and programming. We are proud to be a part of RedZone’s incredible mission to empower the youth and strengthen the community foundations in Orange Mound.

Learn more about RedZone and the mission here:

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