Triumph Bank

President and C.E.O., William J. Chase Jr., Named Inside Memphis Business Magazine’s “C.E.O. of the Year”

President and C.E.O., William J. Chase Jr., Named Inside Memphis Business Magazine’s “C.E.O. of the Year”

Last December, Inside Memphis Business Magazine announced the winners of their “C.E.O. of the Year” Awards – among them, our very own President and C.E.O., William J. Chase, Jr.! Mr. Chase, who politely requests just to be called “Will”, claimed the “C.E.O. of the Year” title for businesses that employ 50-200 team members. To those who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Will, this victory comes as no surprise. As one of its founding Board Members and first employees, Will has led the growth of Triumph to over 160 employees in three markets and assets exceeding $850 Million.

Will utilizes his position as President and C.E.O. to strengthen Triumph from the bottom up – offering his 40 years of banking experience to employees at all stages in their careers. He ensures all positive contributions, no matter how small, are recognized. By endorsing an open door policy, Will remains approachable and encourages recommendations from his team to enhance the customer experience and employee efficiency.

Will’s sphere of positive influence reaches far beyond the customers, shareholders, and employees of Triumph. His leadership, paired with his largely philanthropic heart, has indirectly improved the lives of thousands of Memphians. Every team member is given time each year to serve the community. Often, Will is first to volunteer his time and knowledge to provide opportunities to Triumph’s community partners and strangers alike.

As Will focuses on the growth of Triumph, in order to provide the best possible return for its shareholders and sense of security for its customers and employees, he never loses focus on putting God first, family second, and Triumph third. He has stated many times, “If these things are in order, everything will fall into place.” Because of these things and many more, Will is Inside Memphis Business Magazine’s “C.E.O. of the Year”. His formal recognition will be given at the C.E.O. of the Year Awards breakfast on February 20, 2020.