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Personal Service in an Impersonal Industry

Personal Service in an Impersonal Industry

“In hunting, it’s great to have a dog. The dog finds the birds. But, you wouldn’t give the gun to the dog.” Will Chase, CEO of Triumph Bank, shares this quote in a conversation about personal service in the impersonal world of banking. In an age where bank doors can unlock from your phone signal, and you can be greeted by dancing robots in the bank lobby, the grandiose technology fails us when no one will answer the 1-800 posted on the website.

We have all been there. Our account has a hold, a debit card is frozen, the deposit is missing, and we need to talk to someone at the bank. We look online for a phone number and much to our horror, we can only find a number that starts with 1-800. We know what this means: endless waiting, transfers, until the inevitable happens…the call mysteriously drops.

This experience happens all too often, and slowly it has become the standard in banking. Since the mass acceptance of debit cards, ATM withdrawals, and mobile deposit, the need for bank associates in the lobby has decreased. There may be only one or two people to answer a call, assuming you are savvy enough to locate a local phone number, and often they can assist with a limited number of issues before transferring you to “customer service”.

Go ahead, call your bank now to ask a question. I’ll wait…

Much like the dog enhances the hunting experience, the banking technology should complement the service, not replace it. There is a quick test you can do to know if you or your client are banking with a service-oriented bank, and here it is: Ask, “Who is your banker?” If the answer is the name of a bank, then it’s probable that the service is lacking. The best experience is possible when the answer is the name of a person.

While banking technology has made strides over the past decade, our clients are still human and a “one size fits all” model does not actually fit all. That’s why there is a place for banks like Triumph in Tennessee, where personal service is personalized. Most banks offer the same products; it’s the service that differentiates. We are tenured enough to create competitive banking products, savvy enough to provide complimentary technology, and flexible enough to create customized banking solutions. In the words of Bill Menkel, Triumph’s Nashville President, “In banking, to me, it’s all about the customer experience. Our customers are telling us what they want and need. We need to listen and respond.”

If you do not have a number for your banker, you should give us a call. If you’re in the Nashville/Brentwood area, reach our team at 615.928.9999, and in the Memphis area, call our team at 901-333-8800.

Rachael_MeurrierWritten by:
Rachael Meurrier
SVP of Medical and Professional Banking in our Brentwood office