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Our Greatest Assets: Stephanie Bishop

Our Greatest Assets: Stephanie Bishop

Here at Triumph, we believe our people are our greatest asset. They value and support each other. They make our customers feel secure. They propel growth in our communities. We want to share what makes our people the best of the best. Every month, we will do exactly that: share their greatness. We’d like to start by introducing our Vice President and Retail Banking Executive, Stephanie Bishop. 

How did you get into banking?
I like to say banking found me. Through the relationship I had with a team of local bankers, they offered me an opportunity on the ground floor as a teller. I fell in love with banking and working with customers, and I’ve stayed in the industry ever since.

Tell us about your role at Triumph.
After serving as our Arlington office manager for several years, last fall I was promoted to my new role as Vice President and Retail Banking Executive. My primary responsibilities are hiring new members of our retail team, ensuring our team is trained in the Triumph way, implementing new processes and always looking to improve our current ones.

How do you normally start your day?
First thing’s first – coffee, specifically Amer’s coffee (our head security guard for our Poplar office). We’re not sure what his secret is, but he’s converted me from Keurig pods. After my coffee fix, I’m ready to check emails, voicemails and go through my calendar for the day.

What is your favorite part about working at Triumph?
My favorite part about working at Triumph is really and truly my work family. I’m a hands-on manager, so I try to focus on forming a relationship with every member of the team and help them grow to their potential within their roles. A strong relationship and personal growth are really important to me as we internally promote.

Have you worn any other hats here at Triumph?
The neat thing is that I’ve worked in every role. A teller, senior teller, customer service representative, assistant manager, and branch manager – I really climbed the ladder and it has enhanced my career dramatically. It’s easy to put myself in their shoes, remember the challenges faced in each role, and therefore, find solutions to simplify the daily lives of our team members and improve the customer experience.

Had you not landed in this role at Triumph, what career do you think you’d be pursuing now?
Teaching is my passion. I’ve always said that if I hadn’t fallen into my career as a banker, I would be a teacher. I want everyone to land on a path that plays to their strengths and their personal goals. My passion for teaching is why I took training so seriously in my role as a manager, and now as my role as Retail Banking Executive.

How would you summarize your department’s role to someone who doesn’t know much about it?
Retail banking can be considered the front line and central location for anyone who is looking to complete transactions, from opening an account to applying for a loan. We’re the face of the bank. We offer all of the convenience features – online and mobile banking, remote deposit captures, etc. Our team is always available to help our customers set up all of these features in person or over the phone!

How do you and your team make banking easiest for your clients?
We strive to know everyone on a personal basis – that way we know what products best fit them. Even the smallest of interactions help us grow our relationships with our customers. We consider the stages and seasons of life they’re experiencing, and match them with products that will best benefit their lifestyles.

What do you do outside of work?
My husband and I have two kids, and they keep us busy. We absolutely love their school and volunteer at every opportunity to show our gratitude to their teachers and coaches. My kids are super involved in basketball. My daughter plays softball as well, so we cheer them on as often as we can. I’ve maybe missed one game. Attending their games is important to me because it’s important to them. Our presence shows how we prioritize their performance and hard work. Basketball – the love of the sport brings my family together but we’re a house divided. My husband and son cheer for Duke, but my daughter and I are loyal to the University of Memphis. There’s more buzz about the Grizzlies in our house this season because they’ve acquired so many Duke alums! 

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