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Our Greatest Assets: Rachael Meurrier

Our Greatest Assets: Rachael Meurrier

We’re excited to kick off the 2021 Our Greatest Assets series by spotlighting members of our Middle Tennessee Team. These bankers are prominent leaders in their given banking fields and are incredibly valued by their peers at Triumph as well as their clients. Through these insights, you will learn the ins and outs of the financial services industry, and how our teammates help Triumph stand out from the crowd.

Let’s start with Rachael Meurrier, SVP of Medical and Professional Banking, and a founding member of our Middle Tennessee team. Rachael brainstorms everything from client solutions to client events from our Brentwood office, our Middle Tennessee headquarters.

How did you get into banking?

I stumbled into banking while on the path to another career. While taking night classes, I thought getting a job as a bank teller would be a two-year bridge on the way to a different destination.  After meeting Holly Bronson, someone who would become my lifelong friend, mentor, and now a fellow Triumph banker, the “job” soon turned into a career, and my path has been set ever since.   

Tell us about your role at Triumph and why you decided to focus on the role you have now.

My role as a Medical and Professional banker is all about stepping into the lives of my clients, often celebrating with them as they finish school, get a job, get married, raise children, buy homes, move jobs, and all the little joys of life. I find it very rewarding to not only share these moments with my clients but also to bring the right solutions to the table to make sure these moments happen as they planned.

How do you normally start your workday?

My workday starts with emails and texts. Since the world moves very fast these days, I often start reviewing messages with my morning coffee. An important part of being a private banker is being responsive, and this is often what sets us apart from other bankers with limited accessibility. 

What is your favorite part about working at Triumph?

It’s the people. I consider myself fortunate to work with a group of knowledgeable bankers who make it a priority to care about the quality of our work and our bank. The team knows that by prioritizing quality, we can accomplish big things for our team, our communities, and our clients.  

What makes Triumph stand out in the large population of banks?

Like the title of this article – Triumph’s greatest assets are its people. All banks are somewhat constrained by regulation to do the same things – making loans and accepting deposits. It’s the people inside our bank that set us apart from any other financial institution and turn what could be just another commodity into something special. We know it, and our clients know it. 

Have you worn any other hats here at Triumph?

There is a colorful array of hats in my closet, and that is the way I prefer to keep it. By helping with other projects, I am able to grow my own strength as a banker, gain knowledge to support my team and clients, and truthfully, it’s just fun to wear something new once in a while. 

Had you not landed in this role at Triumph, what career do you think you’d be pursuing now?

If I had to follow a dream today, I would be a career student taking classes in foreign languages, carpentry, economics, political science, history, nutrition, tailoring, and master gardening. According to my husband, these would all need to be online courses, because we would be traveling the country in an RV. 

How would you summarize your department’s role to someone who doesn’t know much about it?

You can consider a private banker like a financial personal assistant for our clients. Our job is to take care of the small things, so our clients can go to work and focus on the big things. 

Tell us about the process of becoming your client. What should they be prepared to bring and discuss during your first few visits?

Most of my prospects are referred by existing clients. During our first visit, I want to learn the individual’s or couple’s banking goals and expectations. If a client has had a bad experience at another bank, I work to understand that, too, and how we can do better. I have learned that most banks have the solutions their clients require. Where the other banks fail, is that no one will pick up the phone and walk the client through how to access the necessary solutions. 

What can people expect when they become your client?

My clients can expect me to be available for them. The secret to the whole work-life balance is realizing that your clients are also balancing it at their time and pace, so normal business hours don’t always work for them. That means my schedule is not limited by the antiquated 8AM to 5PM schedule. If a client wants to text at 6AM or 9PM, I’m happy to respond. This small thing sets us apart in big ways. 

How do you and your team make banking easiest for your clients?

We listen to what clients tell us they need and make an intentional effort to understand their banking habits. Only after we understand where they are now and where they want to go, we make recommendations that are specific to their individual needs. When a client is given all the tools they require, it’s much easier to structure a banking strategy in a way that makes life simpler for them. 

What is the key to making your team as successful as it is?

Our team is successful because we trust one another and work together to do the right thing. We communicate and collaborate, and that is powerful stuff. 

What do you do outside of work?

If I am not in the office, you can find me with my husband, Nick, and daughter, Mia. Together we enjoy road trips, National Parks, frisbee golf, board games, playing in the yard, bird watching, crafting, and family movie nights. We all enjoy being social and look forward to the post-COVID day when we can bring back our quarterly Game Night, which is an open door for all our friends to come over, gather, eat, drink, and play. 

Thank you, Rachael, for giving us a window into your world as a Triumph banker. We look forward to all the future contributions you will bring to our team! 

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