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Our Greatest Assets: Kent Stone

Our Greatest Assets: Kent Stone

Continuing “Our Greatest Assets” series, we’re happy to introduce you to Kent Stone. Kent serves as Vice President and Retail Mortgage Manager for our Mortgage division, Triumph Bank Home Loans. 

Kent, tell us about yourself. Are you native to Nashville? If not, how did you land in the Music City?

I was born and raised in North Mississippi, near the Memphis area. I made the move to Nashville when I got an opportunity with another bank I previously worked for.

How did you get into banking?  

My career started in Memphis. A friend in the financial services industry there was looking to add a mortgage banker. He had faith in me that I could do the job, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Tell us about your role at Triumph and why you decided to focus on the role you have now.  I love mortgage banking because you can help people realize a dream.  It can be stressful in that you are always on a deadline, but the rewards are worth it all.

What is your favorite part about working at Triumph? I love the “team” concept.  Our personalities complement each other very well. I’ve worked with many of our team members for years, and we made our own unique culture here at Triumph.  

What makes Triumph stand out amongst other banks? I believe what makes Triumph stand out from the rest is our focus on the needs of our clients. We know them personally, and we know their kids and their families. I’ve worked at large banks before and, while they can have great people working for them, the enormity of the institution takes away from the personal relationships with their customers.

Have you worn any other hats here at Triumph? If not at Triumph, at any other point in your career? Being a member of a small team, I’ve worn many hats, but all of my roles have remained within the mortgage realm. 

Had you not landed in this role at Triumph, what career do you think you’d be pursuing now?  I have no idea. I would have liked to have been a professional pilot but realized that too late in life to pursue that as my career. Although, when one of my home buyers identifies a banking need, I’m honored to refer them to one of my talented co-workers.

How would you summarize your department’s role to someone who doesn’t know much about it? We help people get their piece of the American Dream through homeownership. We also help them plan for the future by refinancing mortgages for many reasons, like renovating their homes or lowering their monthly expenses.

Tell us about the process of applying for a mortgage with Triumph Bank Home Loans. What should they be prepared to bring and discuss during your first few visits?    Our first visit will be just that, a visit.  I like to start my meetings by finding out what my clients want the end result of the mortgage process to look like for them, then we figure out how to work towards that picture with required documents and numbers.

What can people expect when they become your client? My clients can expect me to be responsive and thorough throughout the process. When working with home loans, you are always on a deadline. I communicate the process with my homebuyers or clients refinancing every step of the way as I deeply value my customers’ time.

How do you and your team make banking easiest for your clients? 

I work to make banking easy for my clients, by keeping their needs in mind. If I have a home loan client that moves into a private banking or commercial relationship with one of my team members, I know they will be clients for life.  Our team is thorough, thoughtful, and gives our customers the highest quality of care.

What is the key to making your team as successful as it is? 

We place a high priority on staying in constant communication with our clients. When they have a problem or new goal in mind, our team is always happy to help develop solutions that cater to their needs. 

What has been your favorite project/challenge so far?

I would say my favorite is managing the retail mortgage team.  Our team is made up of such talented people. Making sure they have the resources they need to be able to do their jobs is something I take very seriously.


Thank you, Kent, for your leadership and the great care that you bring to the home buying process and your client relationships. If you’d like to learn more about Triumph Bank Home Loans or apply today to buy or refinance your home, visit Triumph Bank Home Loans.

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