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Introducing the NEW!

Introducing the NEW!

We’re excited to introduce our new Triumph Bank Home Loans website! When we started building this site, we wanted to incorporate our Triumph brand and more modern improvements. You will find that the new site offers our customers, potential clients, and realtors quicker and easier navigation and reflects a national corporation appearance (as we lend in 46 of 50 states) while maintaining community bank roots and our mission to help everyday people triumph no matter where they call home.

Here are a few improvements you will notice on the new site:

  • The new has a fully responsive design, meaning that it will size appropriately for the device you are using (computer, tablet, smartphone).
  • The “Apply Now” link is now at the top right corner of every page; still easily accessible anywhere on the site, yet doesn’t take up the real estate on the site as the existing link does. You will find the link strategically placed on specific pages around the site as well.
  • A new search icon has also been added to the top right corner so if a visitor is searching for a specific product or calculator, they can enter that word into the search bar, and all the pages that include that word will pop up in the search query.
  • Links to our Buy a Home and Refinance pages are located on the home page, so visitors can easily access the information appropriate for them.
  • The Buying a Home and Refinance pages feature an iPhone-like plug-in that clearly defines our mortgage process to show the simplicity of buying or refinancing a home with Triumph.
  • The website asks our visitors this question first: “How can we help you grow today?” The answers are APPLY NOW, RATE QUOTE, and LOAN STATUS. When the visitor clicks one of those, it immediately takes them to services that will best help them.
  • Our customer reviews and stats are located at the bottom section on the home page, so customers will see the incredible service past clients have received from our outstanding Mortgage division at Triumph Bank Home Loans.
  • Our relationships with realtors are important to our business. To continue building those relationships, we’ve included a page just for them. The Realtors page directs them to a number of resources they can utilize with their clients as they introduce them to the mortgage part of the process.
  • First-Time homebuyers need some handholding. To make our guidance and advice more accessible to the first-time homebuyers we serve, we’ve created a page and a downloadable first-time homebuyers guide specifically for them.
  • The Mortgage Calculators page introduces five calculators for clients to engage with. Covering the big questions from refinancing to buying a new home, customers will receive ballpark numbers and answers quickly!
  • Our Learning Center features blog articles with an ever-growing library. You can refer your clients to these materials as they will cover everything from homebuyer’s education to clarifying mortgage lingo!

Visit our Triumph Bank Home Loans today for all of your home loan needs at

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