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Personal Service in an Impersonal Industry

Personal Service in an Impersonal Industry

“In hunting, it’s great to have a dog. The dog finds the birds. But, you wouldn’t give the gun to the dog.” Will Chase, CEO of Triumph Bank, shares this quote in a conversation about personal service in the impersonal world of banking. In an age where bank doors can unlock from your phone signal, and you can be greeted by dancing robots in the bank lobby, the grandiose technology fails us when no one will answer the 1-800 posted on the website.

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2018 Triumph Shareholder Event

DATE AND LOCATION: April 26th, 2018, Triumph’s Commercial and Mortgage Lending Center

Triumph welcomed a great number of its Shareholders and friends at its Annual Shareholder Event. Board Chairman, Hilliard Crews, and President and CEO, Will Chase, updated shareholders on Triumph’s 2017 annual financial results and shared updates and growth goals for 2018 and beyond. 

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