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Cash Management

Cash Management

Our Cash Management services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- so you don’t have to.

Why Triumph Cash Management?

Let our services help you expedite, organize and grow your cash flow efficiencies in every way possible. See below the various options our cash management team will custom tailor to best fit the needs of your business.

Meet our Cash Management Team #

Triumph Bank’s Cash Management Services - Receivable Management

Cash Concentration

Allows customers to concentrate funds from other financial institutions into Triumph Bank giving you the ability to have your money work for you and minimize idle funds.

Lockbox Services

Our lockbox services speed the collection and processing of your receivables. Triumph Bank picks up your mail and processes the payments allowing quicker deposit into your account. Our web based service also allows you to view images of the checks and remittance documents.

Remote Deposit

Let Triumph Bank bring our branch to your business. Our Remote Deposit service allows you to make check deposits directly from your office, anytime day or night. This service creates and delivers images of your deposited checks directly into our bank in a safe and secure environment for faster deposits and added earnings power for your funds.

Zero Balance Accounts

ZBA accounts helps you manage your funds more effectively and maximize the use of your investable balances. Deposits made into the ZBA are moved automatically each night into the concentration account eliminating idle balances and the need to manually transfer the funds.

Triumph Bank’s Cash Management Services - Payable and Risk Management

Cash Disbursement

This service allows customers to disburse funds automatically from Triumph Bank to any other financial institution. You can set up automatic payments or create payments as you need them.

Direct Deposit

Triumph Bank’s ACH service saves you valuable time, money, and resources by directly depositing your employee’s payroll into their bank accounts. Direct Deposit can also be used for paying expense reimbursements, dividend payments and any other type of consumer payments.

Tax Payments

At Triumph Bank, you can pay your state and federal taxes through our ACH services. Once you have signed up with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing agency you begin to originate those tax payments through our service.

Wire Transfer

Triumph Bank offers both Domestic and International wire transfer services. Move funds quickly, easily and safely to another financial institution. Wire initiation is offered at a discounted rate when sending through Business Online Banking.

Business Bill Pay

Business clients can use Business Bill Pay to schedule monthly bills through Online Banking.

Positive Pay

One of the most critical fraud prevention tools. It’s a “must have” for businesses today. This service allows clients to submit to the bank a “check issue file” that instructs the bank to ONLY pay the items listed in the file. This includes ensuring that the Payee on the issued check matches who actually cashed or deposited the check. Ideal service for businesses that write payroll and expense checks or receive a high volume of ACH transactions.

Triumph Bank’s Cash Management Services - Information Management

Business Online and Mobile Banking

Business Online Banking is our gateway to your bank information and transaction initiation services. It allows you to better manage your accounts when and where it is most convenient to you. Clients can assign multiple users with full or limited access to their accounts online.



Consumers or businesses can elect to receive eStatements in lieu of the traditional monthly paper statement. Clients will receive a monthly email directing them to login and retrieve their statement online. The statement is identical to what you would receive in the U.S. mail, and it gives you quicker access to your statements.

Event Manager

Use this service to set alerts to notify you of important transactions and events involving your bank accounts.

Triumph Bank’s Cash Management Services - Liquidity Management

Overnight Investment Sweep

Let Triumph Bank transfer excess funds at the end of each business day to earn interest faster. Funds are swept into a secured interest-bearing investment account.

Loan Sweep

Triumph Bank can also sweep excess funds at the end of each business day to pay down a business’s Line of Credit allowing for faster reduction of principal and interest due to the bank.

Combined Sweep

Take advantage of both sweep services offered by Triumph Bank. Each night it is determined if the Line of Credit has an outstanding balance. If it does the excess funds are used to pay down the Line. If the Line of Credit has a zero balance the excess funds are moved into the interest-bearing account.