Triumph Bank

Jim Selberg & Charles Thomas
Sunrise Builders Supply

Jim & Charles know that building is a collaborative process. So when they became new owners of a construction supply company, they needed a bank who understood their blueprint and could help them build it.

Jim Selberg & Charles Thomas
Sunrise Builders Supply:

“I think the day-to-day communication we have eliminates surprises, and I think that’s helpful for everybody.”


A thirteen-year legacy of customer service and reliability was one of the main reasons the group – led by Jim Selberg and Charles Thomas – purchased Sunrise Builders Supplies in 2014. They saw a tremendous opportunity to build on that foundation and take the company to new heights.

“Our timing was very good,” Charles said. “Home building has come back very sharply.”

When they brought their plan for Sunrise to Triumph Bank, they found a partner that shared their excitement. “They were as creative about the transaction as I think we were,” said Jim, “and they’ve been our partner ever since.”