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Dr. Katosha Muse
Muse Primary Care & Obstetrics

From the age of seven, she knew she wanted to be a doctor, and that’s exactly what happened. She believed in herself, and needed a partner with the confidence to do the same.

Dr. Katosha Muse
Muse Primary Care & Obstetrics:

“There’s definitely a difference when you’re working with someone who understands what your goal is.”


When her grandfather asked seven-year old Katosha what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied without hesitation: a doctor. That determination is one of the reasons that Muse Primary Care & Obstetrics exists today.

In running her own practice, Dr. Muse connects with her patients on a personal level, understands their needs and makes them feel at home. Those values are the same ones that guide Triumph’s work.

“I feel like Triumph had a lot of confidence in me,” Katosha said of her relationship with Triumph. That confidence was inspired by the passion she has shown for her dream since she was a little girl.