Triumph Bank

Dr. Dez Prentice

Caregivers don’t do “9-to-5.” When family practitioner Dez Prentice needed a bank who understood the unique demands of her life’s calling, she found an ally in Triumph.

Dr. Dez Prentice:

“Triumph is always available to help.”


Serving the healthcare needs of immigrants and the underprivileged is Dez’s passion. In Triumph, she found a bank equally as passionate about helping her succeed. With a primary banker available to her and specialized services just for caregivers, Dez has a bank that cares for her financial wellness.

“When I was ready to buy a home, my banker immediately invited me to the office,” said Dez. “She spent more than an hour with me walking through the process.” Serving the dedicated members of our medical community is a Triumph speciality.