Triumph Bank

Bob McBride
State Systems Inc.

Bob had relationships with other banks in the past, but needed a financial partner that approached customers the way he did – by getting to know them. As his business grew, Bob went from being a customer to being part of the family.

Bob McBride
State Systems Inc.:

“Triumph understands the needs of small businesses.”


Protecting life and property – that’s the mission that Bob, his son and his brother carry to work with them every day. State Systems Inc. is a family-run operation that provides everything from fire protection services to network integration to businesses throughout the Memphis area. They tailor systems to their customers’ individual needs, and provide support to ensure the businesses they serve can stay focused on what they do best.

So it was a natural fit when Bob came to Triumph seven years ago. In Triumph, Bob found a partner that approached its customers the same way he did – by getting to know them. Over the years as State Systems grew, Triumph was there to support that growth.