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Dr. Joseph W. Mirabile and Jason Crews, each highly respected for many years in the local and business community, have recently joined Triumph Bank’s Board of Directors. “Speaking on behalf of our entire Board, it is a great honor to have these gentlemen choose to join us,” said Will Chase, Triumph Bank President and CEO.

Dr. Mirabile is President of Mirabile Investment Corporation, a diversified real estate and restaurant development/operating company with extensive holdings in four states. He operates 50 Mid South restaurants, has developed numerous commercial properties, and served on the faculties at three major universities.

Jason Crews founded Crews Realty in 1999, which has constructed and developed more than $30 million in residential, commercial and industrial properties. He serves on the Board of Shelby Group International, and is a member of the Memphis Area Association of Realtors and Homebuilders Association.

Prior to adding Mirabile and Crews, Triumph Bank’s 15 active Board members were founding members, including Chairman Lane Carrick, Managing Director of United Capital. Added Will Chase, “Our Board has had a tremendous impact on our bank’s solid position and success. Dr. Mirabile and Mr. Crews will make our Board – and Triumph Bank even better.”

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