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Here to simplify cash flow so you can manage everything else.

Cash Management

We’re here to help you expedite, organize and increase your cash flow efficiencies in every way possible. Our comprehensive Cash Management Services can be used individually or together for greater access, convenience and visibility 24 hours a day.

Lockbox Service
Speed the receipt and deposit of your accounts receivables while you focus on other business activities. Customers mail payments to a P.O. Box serviced by Triumph Bank where payments are picked up and processed daily. We notify you daily of all the deposit information so that you can update your receivables. You improve your funds availability by eliminating a portion of both mail and processing float.

Remote Deposit Capture
This service allows you to make deposits from your home or office by scanning checks and electronically sending them to Triumph Bank.

ACH Origination
A web-based debit and credit origination service, ACH transfers are used for payroll, collections and payments. The service costs less than wires and allows you to more accurately predict cash flow needs.

Sweep Accounts
Transfer excess funds at the end of each business day to earn interest faster. Funds can be swept into a money market account, a savings account, or repurchase account.